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what to expect
what to expect

You may even worry about what to wear or where to put your hands- but we'll actually answer those questions before you have a chance to ask.

At first you may share a few nervous giggles but before long you'll be laughing and smiling- but this time with a new confidence.

Suddenly you'll see you're naturally beautiful just the way you are. You'll see a genuine reflection of the person you've always known you were on the inside- and you'll be proud.

You'll walk a little taller, smile wider and hold your head high. You'll find FREEDOM in being You.

You will be embraced with open arms and we'll encourage and support you every step of the way!

We promise you'll see us makeup less as well!

There's no need to hide that beautiful face under false promises of being "more beautiful".

Gone are the day of hiding behind the mask you put on each morning or layering on that mascara in hopes it'll bring alive a person you wish you could be.

You'll be nervous, and maybe even scared at the thought of having your pictures taken without make up on.

to expect